Aug 25, 2014

Collateral Kindness: The True Story of an Army Interrogator in Iraq

Book Details
Author: Paul Holton
Release Date: January 2013
Publisher: Plain Sight Publishing
Genre: Biography

"There is a personal side to the war in Iraq...the US military were successful in breaking through language and cultural barriers with the Iraqi people and accomplished so much good..."

This is one man's AMAZING story!

You will be spell-bound as you read the incredible story of Paul Holton and his time in Iraq.

Driven to find a purpose for being there Paul found a way to touch the hearts of the people.

Seeing one little girl in need Paul handed her a stuffed animal...

From that day forward Paul found great joy in giving to the people of Iraq, especially the children.

With this desire he started Operation Give.

Learning of his stories of kindness from his blog, people from all over started to send him toys and other supplies for him to deliver.

Read of the places he visited, the conditions he found, and the lives he touched.

Amid the front lines and bombing raids this man found peace and hope for a people he came to love.

This book is SO WORTH READING!

Learn more about Operation Give 

About the Author
Paul Holton, better known as "Chief Wiggles," is the founder of Operation Give, a humanitarian organization that ships toys, medical supplies, clothes, shoes, sports gear and equipment and educational supplies to children in war-torn and devastated nations throughout the world.

Many became acquainted with Chief Wiggles through his detailed and inspiring wartime blog on the Internet, still actively blogging today at As a chief warrant officer CW5 in the Utah Army National Guard with forty-two years of service, he has served as an interrogator, a debriefer, a HUMINTer, and a Korean linguist.

He has been to South Korea more than fifty times, functioning as an interrogation team chief, interpreter, or debriefer of North Korean defectors.

Holton was sent to the Middle East in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, where he interrogated dozens of Iraqis.

Collateral Kindness recounts his experiences in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003 to 2004, from the start of the war through the capture of Saddam Hussein.

From June 2010 to Jun 2011, Holton went back to Iraq on his third deployment and had yet again another amazing magical journey.

Paul has worked for FedEx for the past twenty-two years and was most recently a worldwide account manager. He has taught supply chain management and operation management at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University.

He is married to his lovely wife, Keeyeon, and they have four wonderful children and two granddaughters.

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