Sep 9, 2013

Pretty Darn Funny Season 2: Basket Case w/ Say Love CD Giveaway

This is my FAVORITE episode to date!
I really LOVE the drop-off dickey!
Tend to fall into the competition trap myself ...but I am working on it :)

See what lengths Gracie will go to in order to "one-up" her nemesis~

Pretty Darn Funny and Deseret Book have graciously offered a GIVEAWAY in connection with this series....

This week's giveaway~
Say Love CD by Hilary Weeks

You can go HERE to hear snippets of the songs on this CD.

(US address only please)

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Here are 10 things to know about Jared Cardon
Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Producer

1) I gave up tap dancing in second grade, when, as the only boy left in the class, I was nearly forced to tap dance in front of the entire school dressed in a kitty-cat costume. I never became the Gene Kelly of Irving Elementary, but I did end up surviving to third grade.

2) I'm a descendant of William Shakespeare, or Uncle Bill, as we call him.

3) I grew up playing Balderdash every family night. We made played by our own rule, which was to see whose fake definition could get the biggest laughs. I blame that for my interest in comedy and my proficiency for "Dad jokes."

4) I might have been the only high school senior to have recorded every episode of the Andy Griffith Show on VHS. Also, I didn't seem to have much luck with dating during that time of my life. I can't seem to determine a correlation between those things.

5) I worked at Hot Topic once for Christmas. I never gained an appreciation for Death Metal Christmas albums but I can tell you which spike bracelet looks best with your new tattoo.

6) I started dating my wife right before she moved to NYC for a job with a big ad agency. I then spent the next few years trying to convince her to move back to Utah to marry me. I eventually wore her down and we now run a production company ( and live happily in Orem, UT with our almost-two-year-old and another little boy on the way. Jared: 1, NYC: 0

7) I took a circuitous route to becoming a filmmaker. I went from drafting to architecture to recording engineering to fine art to animation where I finally realized live-action film was the place for me. Fortunately, having marginal knowledge of all these fields helps in making movies. Some people might call my skill-set schizophrenic, but I prefer the term "Renaissance man" (not to be confused with those weirdos that wear chain-mail all the time).

8) My wife and I write together on Pretty Darn Funny and our son plays Madison's baby in episode two. The best thing about hiring your family is working with people that you love. The second-best thing is that you don't have to pay them very much.

9) My dream vacation would be spending an indeterminate amount of time on an isolated section of the Oregon coast with my family. We'd get up late, breakfast at the Pig & Pancake, explore tide-pools on the rainy beach, and not worry about getting a web series finished in time for Monday release.

10) I am an outspoken advocate for Mormon film. If we don't allow our filmmakers time to progress and improve, we'll end up with more of the same: outsiders profiting from the distortion of our history with shows like Big Love and The Book of Mormon musical. So, next time you are about to bad-mouth a Mormon show, I hope a little Jared Cardon pops up on your shoulder and says, "Hey man, be supportive. We'll never get Oscar-movie status if we kill off our art in its infancy." Then give tiny Jared a little bite of your dinner. He's probably hungry.

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  1. haha! great episode! the plague of moms everywhere. ;)

    1. SO TRUE!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
      Come see me again soon :)



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