Sep 2, 2013

The Not Even Once Club w/ Book Giveaway

Book Details
Author: Wendy Watson Nelson
Release Date: August 2013
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Children's Picture

Tyler is the new kid on the block.

His friends from church have invited him to their clubhouse.

But Tyler must pass the test before he can become a member of their club.

He must choose for himself from this point on to never drink, smoke, lie, cheat, steal, do drugs, bully, dress immodestly, swear, intentionally look at anything pornographic, or break the law of chastity...NOT EVEN ONCE!

Told in such a cute way even little children will understand and be excited to take on this challenge.

EVERYONE needs to take this pledge!

Can you even imagine a world where we lived by these rules?

CUTE CUTE pictures.
AMAZING story.

Let's make it happen!

Deseret Book has graciously offered a 
Book GIVEAWAY for MY readers :)
US address only please

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About the Author
Wendy Watson Nelson holds a Ph.D. in family therapy and gerontology. Prior to her marriage to Elder Russell M. Nelson, she was a professor of marriage and family therapy for twenty-five years. Sister Nelson has served as a stake Relief Society president, stake Primary president, and chaired the BYU Women’s Conference. Currently, she is an institute instructor and visiting teacher. Sister Nelson was born in Raymond, Alberta, Canada, to Leonard David and Laura Byrde McLean Watson.

About the Illustrator
Brandon Dorman is the illustrator of the #1 New York Times bestsellerThe Wizard. He graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho, where he studied fine art and illustration. He and his wife, Emily, have three children and live in Washington, where he enjoys working as a freelance illustrator. His work has appeared in children’s books and on numerous covers, including Pingo, The Candy Shop War, and the Fablehaven series. See more of Brandon Dorman’s artwork at


  1. Impossible goal. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” The Good News isn't that you can decide to never sin, because you can't. You'll fail, over and over again. The Good News is that you can be made right in God's eyes on Jesus's merits, not yours.

    1. Thank you! You are correct!

      And I was quite vague when I said obey the commandments and keep all of the Church values.

      I have made the correction...

      Here is exactly what the kids pledge to never do...drink, smoke, lie, cheat, steal, do drugs, bully, dress immodestly, swear, intentionally look at anything pornographic, or break the law of chastity...NOT EVEN ONCE!

      I hope that gives more understanding :)

  2. I personally did not like this book. The writing and illustrations were great, but I hated the message. I would be so upset if my children started an exclusive club where they only accepted the "good" kids. And although I will always teach my kids to choose the right (out of a love for God and not because they'll get a reward), I want them to know that if they make a mistake they can repent and God will still love them.

    My grandma had an excellent phrase she always used to say. "Don't get so busy being a mormon that you forget to be Christian." This book makes me think of her. I don't think the author intended for her message to come across as unforgiving as it did. Of course, this is just my opinion. I'm glad you liked it though!



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