Sep 21, 2013


Book Details
Author: Karen Tuft
Release Date: September 2013
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The title of this book is UNEXPECTED...and this book really is UNEXPECTED!

So many unexpected twists in the story you are not really sure the book is going to turn out the way you expected.

Ross is devastated when his girlfriend betrays his proposal and returns to her former boyfriend.

Natalie is just trying to provide for her three children as a single mother, by being a housekeeper.

As fate would have it, Ross' housekeeper is out on a family emergency and has asked Natalie to take over for her.

Natalie and Ross first meet while Natalie is tap-dancing in his beautiful kitchen...funny story to us readers...not so funny to Ross and Natalie :)

Things just keep getting worse...especially when Natalie finds out that Ross has a "list" of the perfect woman and it includes everything Natalie isn't.

Read about more funny situations Ross keeps finding Natalie in...and the many tender moments they spend with their families.

And wait until you read about midnight sleigh riding, New Year's Eve parties in New York, facing-off with an ex-husband, taking care of her girls, and how that unexpected ending is so PERFECT!

I really, really, really, liked this book!

About the Author
I am a wife, mother, pianist, composer, and writer. Because I am a natural-born weeper, I prefer happy endings. I would much rather laugh, especially with my hubby and kids. And be impressed: I have a 75% success rate at matchmaking. You can reach me at

(A review copy was provided for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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