Sep 7, 2013

Checking Out

Book Details
Author: Clair M. Poulson
Release Date: August 2013
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Mystery

What an AMAZING mystery!

Tangled with so many suspects you really don't know who did it until the very end where clues are dropped making you suspect, but not really knowing, until the masks are down and the killer is pointing a gun at the hero.

I couldn't put it down!

Keene Tempest just wants to be a cop, but with his mother's passing he takes up the management of the family hotel.

When one of the local police officers stops to introduce herself, she tells Keene that his mother's death might not be as it seems.

Keene's police-trained mind goes into play and he starts asking the townsfolk questions.

After someone else is then murdered in the hotel, Keene sets out on a journey to find the killer.

But to do that he will also have to solve an old-case armed robbery, and discover the persons behind the multiple shootings that are now happening.

Along the way his family feuding will be mended and a relationship will start with the beautiful local officer named Chaille Donovan.

and Captivating!
You will LOVE this story!

About the Author
Clair M. Poulson was born and raised in Duchesne, Utah. His father was a rancher and farmer, his mother a librarian. Clair has always been an avid reader, having found his love for books as a very young boy.

He has served for forty years in the criminal justice system. Twenty years were spent in law enforcement, ending his police career with eight years as the Duchesne County Sheriff. For the past twenty years Clair has worked as a justice court judge for Duchesne County. Clair is also a veteran of the US Army where he was a military policeman. He has served on various boards and councils during his professional career, including the Justice Court Board of Judges, Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Utah Judicial Council, Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, an FBI advisory board and others.

In addition to his criminal justice work, Clair has farmed and ranched all of his life. He has raised many kinds of animals, but his greatest interest is horses.

Clair has served in many capacities in the LDS church, including fulltime missionary (California Mission) bishop, counselor to bishop, young men president, high councilor, stake mission president, scoutmaster, High Priest group leader, etc. He currently serves as a Sunday School teacher.

Clair is married to Ruth, and together, they have five children, all of whom are married: Alan (Vicena) Poulson, Kelly Ann (Wade) Hatch, Amanda (Ben) Semadeni, Wade (Brooke) Poulson, and Mary (Tyler) Hicken. Between them they have twenty-three children. Clair and Ruth met while both were students at Snow College and were married in the Manti temple.

Clair has always loved telling his children, and later his grandchildren, make-up stories. His vast experience in life and his love of literature has always contributed to both his telling stories to children and his writing of adventure and suspense novels.

(A review copy was provided for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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