Sep 6, 2013

The Murky Shadow and the Special Gift

Book Details
Author: Yuval Harpaz
Release Date: August 2013
Genre: Children's Picture/Help

Are you afraid of the dark?
Do you see murky shadows after the lights are turned out?
Well Tommy does!

At first his parents don't understand.

But after many sleepless nights his parents finally set out to help him.

Read how Tommy finds a way to beat his fear.

And along the way you will discover how he handles his emotions and learns about bravery.

In the end he gets not one, but two special gifts!

This book is great for beginner readers.

It can also help parents understand how to boost a child in learning about courage and self esteem.

"Don't miss the exclusive privilege for a FREE Parents' Guide! It has enriching details on the fear of darkness, practical tips for overcoming it and some fun activities for the whole family."

WONDERFUL pictures really add to the message!
AND it is based on a TRUE LIFE EXPERIENCE!

About the Author
Yuval Harpaz is a married father of 3, likes jogging, writing, photography and personal development. He has rich imagination and sometimes is even caught doodling comics on napkins.

Yuval's stories are built to establish the love for books and reading in children. He accompanies his stories with intense and colorful illustrations. 

His stories are meant to make a difference and to also allow your child to develop and master a new level of reading.

(A review copy was provided for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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