Aug 5, 2013

Emma: A Latter-day Tale

Book Details
Author: Rebecca H. Jamison
Release Date: August 2013
Publisher: Bonneville Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A year ago if you asked me what my favorite genre was I would say without even a pause, suspense!

Now, after reading contemporary romance novels for my blog I have a new answer.

I have come to really, really LOVE contemporary romance!

Don't get me wrong....I still LOVE suspense...but I REALLY love books like this one!

They are sweet and fun and light and fun and tender and fun and romantic and fun and clean and fun!

Did I mention how FUN they are!

It swept me away from my troubles!
It kept me entertained!
It made me happy!
It was SO GOOD!

Fans of Jane Austen’s Emma will love this modern retelling of the classic romance novel. 

Emma just wants to help other people...she wants to be a life coach. Her first subject is Harriet, Harri to her friends.

But all Emma tends to do is misguide, blunder, and confuse those around her.

Then she realizes "that sometimes the greatest match is the one we make for ourselves.

"Fall in love with Emma’s latter-day tale of redemption, forgiveness,
and the quest for true love."

Rebecca has graciously offered to do an 

ebook Giveaway for MY readers

The winner will have 2 weeks to download the e-book 
Winner can choose from PDF, Kindle, or Nook format

About the Author
Rebecca is an author, freelance writer, and editor. Combining her passion for classic literature with her love of creative writing, Rebecca retells Jane Austen's novels with contemporary characters and settings. She graduated summa cum laude from Brigham Young University with a BA and MA in English, emphasizing creative writing.

Rebecca and her husband have five boys, so she knows how to pronounce a lot of dinosaur names and how to clean up Legos. They also have one wonderful daughter.

Rebecca grew up in Vienna, Virginia. Now she lives in Utah. She loves to swim, run, dance, make jewelry, and play in water. She also likes to chat with teenagers. Summer is her favorite season of the year because she can eat watermelon and hang at the pool.

Rebecca is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can view her profile on She served a mission to Portugal and the Cape Verde Islands.

10 Fun Things to Know About Rebecca
  1. I danced classical ballet when I was growing up.
  2. I like to run.
  3. I come from a family of bird-lovers, so I can identify many different types of birds.
  4. I love the smell of Play-Doh.
  5. Sometimes I get a little too creative in the kitchen. Just ask my kids about the salmon taco experiment.
  6. I like rabbits.
  7. When my kids ignore me, I speak in Elizabethan English.
  8. My favorite TV shows are CastlePsych, and Studio C.
  9. Every night, I write down five things for which I’m grateful. It helps me sleep.
  10. I love people with special needs because my sister has Down syndrome.


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    1. You are so very welcome!
      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me read your next book!
      I really like your writing style!



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