Aug 23, 2013

The Clicker Kit w/ 3 Clicker Kits Giveaway

Have you heard about the "CLICKING MOVEMENT?"

Listen to singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks as she tells about her clicking experiment...

A few weeks ago I was given one of these "Clicker Kits."

I was a little skeptical as I put it on...But after wearing it for just ONE day I realized I do have a lot of negative thoughts...I became more aware and decided I wanted to turn that around!

I focused really hard the first few days and clicked when I had a positive thought. Then I had so much fun clicking that I would purposely think a good thought just so I could "click."

A friend of mine had one too and when we would see each other we would name something we were grateful for and

I share my "clicker" with other people and allowed them to click it too...but only if they think of something positive/happy before they click.

It has been so amazing as my thoughts have turned more positive and I am truly happier.

I decided I wanted to share all of this with readers.

So I contacted Deseret Book who contacted Hilary Weeks who contacted me and gave me permission to share....that deserves a CLICK :)

Hilary has also graciously offered 
3 Clicker Kits 
(US address only please)

Kits include: 
Booklet - An Introduction to Clicking
Sticker - Think Happy. Be Happy.
Sticker - Design Your Own

PINK - The color of self worth, order and love. There is a place deep in your soul where these qualities live. Each time you breath, think, click you nourish and feed each one.
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YELLOW - Energy. Joy. Cheerfulness. These are the characteristics of yellow. To embrace these is to embrace the wonder and delight of the human spirit. You are meant to soar. You are an optimist.

ORANGE - Creativity. Enthusiasm. Success. Orange. You can create you. You hold that power. Step forward and let your wings take over.

Please visit Hilary Weeks website 

Click HERE to purchase a Clicker :)

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