Aug 8, 2013

You Are More

Book Details
Author: Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
Release Date: August 2013
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Inspiration

Travel with Carmen Rasmusen Herbert as she describes her life.

From tiny singer at the age of 5, to a contestant on American Idol, to meeting and marrying her husband, to being a mom.

Along the way she has been asked many times "Who are You?"

And she has learned that we are all MORE!

She is More!
You are More!

And because you are MORE, you must NEVER let down your standards!

Heavenly Father will help us be More!
Trust in him!
Trust in his plan for you!

About the Author
Carmen Rasmusen Herbert’s music career began in 2003, when, at age seventeen, she auditioned for the TV show American Idol and was chosen as one of twelve finalists. She is also the author ofStaying in Tune, a book that inspires and motivates young women to stand firm in their faith, hold tight to their values, and avoid worldly temptations in whatever situation they find themselves.


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