Aug 1, 2013

Butch Cassidy and other Mormon Outlaws of the Old West

Book Details
Author: Kathryn Jenkins Gordon
Release Date: 2013
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Historical

What an amazingly fascinating book!

So who are these Mormon Outlaws?

Orrin Porter Rockwell was sometimes the law, and sometimes an outlaw.

Robert LeRoy Parker joined the cattle rustlers and became the well-know Butch Cassidy; and twenty of the sixty in his gang of bandits were Mormons.

Willard Erastus Christianson, while walking home from a Church dance whacked a rival on the head with a rock and feared he had killed the guy so he ran away from home and became the outlaw, Matt Warner or "The Mormon Kid."

John Tomas McCarty was raised a Mormon. He later married Matt Warner's sister and mentored Matt in the ways of crime. "On March 30, 1889, Tom joined his two buddies -- Matt Warner and Butch Cassidy-- in pulling off one of the largest bank robberies of the day!

Learn about these men and more who were considered Mormon Outlaws.

Learn about the legendary Outlaw Trail and some of the most famous outlaw hideouts.

So how does a good Mormon boy would turn to a life of crime?
Here is an article from the March 10, 1898 Salt Lake Tribune:

David Lant is a boy born and raised here and who has failed to accept good advice from his father by the same name, and who greatly mourns for the actions of his wayward son. Nothing has been allowed to creep into the press news from here on account of Lant's respectable relatives. David is not, or rather was not, considered a bad young man. He gradually strayed from the path of rectitude by one small petty crime then another, until his associations led him so far he could not return. He went lower and lower into crime until the penitentiary was reached, from whence he made his escape and joined the outlaws. It is still hoped that he will not be lynched before he has a chance to be the prodigal son and return to his glad father, repent and abandon such a reckless life. 

Grab a copy of this book
Then sit back and enjoy the tales of the 
Wild West and the ways of the outlaws

About the Author
The managing editor at Covenant Communications, Kathryn Jenkins Gordon has had thirty-nine years of professional experience in corporate and internal communications, public relations, media relations, marketing communications, and publications management. She has been a press secretary for a US Congressman; vice-president of a Salt Lake City publishing company; manager of strategic communications for Novell, Inc.; director of public relations at a private college in Salt Lake City; and has held communications management positions at a variety of national and international corporations.

Her interest include reading, writing, cooking, traveling, and doing family history. She has met five presidents of the United States, sailed up the Nile River, prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, eaten tempura in Tokyo, and received a dozen long-stemmed red roses from a stranger on the street in Athens.

She and her husband, Glenn, parent a combined family of ten children and five grandchildren.

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