Aug 19, 2013

Pretty Darn Funny Season 2: Footloose Parody AND Episode 1~ Movie Cheating

How fun to have the cast of Pretty Darn Funny back for SEASON 2!
LOVED LOVED LOVED this music video.
What a fun way to kick-off the season AND what a fun play on past music videos.

Also how fun to see moms let loose and have some fun!

Funniest part for me and my husband (yes, he watches with me) is at the end of the dance and the mom are all out of _________

Not going to give it away...
Watch and see.

How fun is that!?
What music video would you like to re-enact?

Now watch Episode 1: Movie Cheating

I am SO EXCITED about the new twist this web series is taking!
I LOVE the comedy troupe, but I am SO EXCITED to see insights into the lives of these women as they try to do it all and be it all and sometimes find they just can't.

WARNING: This clip will make you want to go out and buy NACHOS!

Fun tip:
The husband and wife of this clip are really husband and wife.

Pretty Darn Funny and Deseret Book have graciously offered a GIVEAWAY in connection with this series....this week's giveaway
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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