Apr 27, 2013

Justine, We're Late!

Book Details:
Author: Shimrit Nothman
Release Date: April 2013
Genre: Children


VERY HELPFUL in teaching a child (or even an adult) about conflict resolution!

LOVED the simplicity and the rhyming!
LOVED the illustrations!
LOVED the concept!

Book Description:
Justine, a young girl, never seems to be ready for school in time.
She just can't decide what to wear!

Her mom gets very upset with her and Justine doesn't know what to do.
Luckily, Justine's three favorite stuffed animals come to her rescue, each offering her different advice.

But which advice should she choose? How can she solve the conflict with her mom?

About the Author:
Shimrit Nothman was born and raised in Israel. She was awarded a Bachelors in Psychology and Communications from Haifa University and a Masters in Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University.

During her university years she worked at the Debate Company. Shimrit lectured all around Israel, teaching children and adults from all walks of life how to express themselves better.

Shimrit lived in Australia for a few years before returning to her native Israel with her young family. In Australia she ran a small Communication consultancy firm.

She writes a bi-weekly column in the Jerusalem Post online newspaper, called Family Matters, which focuses on conflict resolution in the family.


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