Apr 4, 2013

One Drop at a Time

Book Details:
Author: M. Russell Ballard
Release Date: March 2013
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Inspiration

This book was taken from the talk Elder Ballard gave in General Conference Oct 2012.
The message is amazing ~~
One bee, in its entire lifetime, only collects 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey...not much.

But when you add that to what the other bees have collected...you get the gift of a life-sustaining food.

We too are like the bees...our efforts might not see like much...but when added to the efforts of others around us...collectively we can be powerful!


*We must be truly converted to the Lord and to the gospel.

*We must depend on each other.

*We must help each other.

So how do we do it?
Read page 32 to find the one simple daily practice that will make the difference in your life and in the life of the others around you.

It is all done ONE DROP AT A TIME :)

Beautiful pictures have been added to strengthen the message and make this truly a book to be treasured.

About the Author:
Elder M. Russell Ballard was sustained as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in October 1985. Prior to that, he served in the first Quorum of the Seventy and in the presidency of that quorum. A successful businessman, he has engaged in various enterprises, including automotive, real estate, and investments. He has also served as a bishop twice and as president of the Canada Toronto Mission. Elder Ballard and his wife, Barbara Bowen Ballard, are the parents of seven children and grandparents of forty-three.


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