Dec 4, 2012

Bah, Humbug!

Take a clean romance...Put it in a Christmas setting...

Add a couple of snowman scenes...

Throw in family...and neighbors...

And you get a PERFECT read for the season!

This book was SO GOOD!

I LOVE snowmen and the first snowman scene had me completely hooked into the book...

Famous author Kyle Miller has a deadline...he also has writer's block...what he does NOT have is time for Christmas and family.

Lexi Anderson is famous in her own way...she is also new to the neighborhood.

Lexi is trying to get ready for her next TV show filming...the backdrop...a snowman.

Kyle and Lexi meet at an incident involving the snowman...

What happens next snowballs into a party for family and a healing of hearts.

And then the final snowman scene...WOW!


This is my second book I have read from author Heather Horrocks...and she is QUICKLY becoming one of my FAVORITE authors!


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