Dec 17, 2012

Am I a Saint Yet Blog Tour

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About the Book:
Author: M. Sue Bergin
Release Date: October 2012
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Genre: Self-Help
Book Description:
We all want to be perfect. But attempting to perfect ourselves instead of relying on the Lord can actually sabotage our spirituality. Discover how to recognize perfectionism in yourself and find relief for your soul in this encouraging book that combines scriptural principles with real-life case studies. Change your thinking and move onto a more authentic and joyful gospel path.
My Review:
To be "perfectly" honest...I signed up for this tour because I needed to read this book! YES! I am a perfectionist. I am trying to overcome it...but it is HARD!
This book really did have some great advice:
1. Mine the Power of Your Thoughts~~ "Words, thoughts and images are powerful. You can CHOOSE to use that power to step away from hurting your spirit and instead nurture it."
2. Just Say No to the Comparison Trap~~ This for me was a real eye-opener..."The antidote to comparing is sharing AND replacing comparison with gratitude."
3. Nurture Your Spirituality~~Excellent help in handling anxiety-provoking scriptures!
I loved how Sue was so personal about her own journey. I also loved the "Strategy" and "Breather" sections.
In the Appendix Sue had these two quotes that need to be shared:
"We all need to remember: men are that they might have joy--not guilt trips!
~Elder Russell M. Nelson
The Church is "for the perfecting of the saints" (Ephesians 4:12); it is NOT a well-provisioned rest home for the already perfected.
~Elder Neal A. Maxwell

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to be a better person today than they were yesterday!
About the Author:
Sue Bergin is a writer and hospice chaplain who lives in Orem, Utah. She drives throughout a five-county area to accompany dying men and women on their final journeys. She earned a bachelor’s degree from BYU, a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University, and a master of fine arts from UCLA in screenwriting. She is a board-certified clinical chaplain through The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy.
Sue writes the Family Focus section for BYU Magazine and has written for many other publications, including the Ensign, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, and Psychology Today. She has been a public relations executive for BYU and has taught writing courses at BYU and the University of Utah.
Her dearest loves include time with family, small dinner parties with friends, rescuing animals, collecting art, and creating things with her hands – from soulful collages to crocheted earrings. She believes with all her heart that there really were gold plates, that the Book of Mormon is the most remarkable book ever written, and that Jesus Christ is our only hope, personally and globally.


(A digital review copy of this title was provided by the author for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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