Jul 29, 2014

Julia Jane in the Rain

Book Details
Author: Audrey Muller
Release Date: July 2014
Genre: Children's Picture

Have you ever NOT LISTENED to your mother...Only to find out later that she was right?

Julie Jane LOVES to play in the rain!

But the rain has turned to MORE...

"Mum is calling from indoors 
as the THUNDER outside roars!"

But Julia Jane LOVES to play in the rain and begs to stay out longer.

See what FINALLY gets Julia to go inside :)

Fun rhyming rhythm!


About the Author
Audrey enjoys writing and illustrating fun, positive stories for children.

She believes that reading promotes development in literacy, stimulates a spark for imagination, provides opportunities for discussion in a fun way as well as helping create a bond between child and parent, resulting in special moments and joyful memories.

Stories that make you smile. www.ReadSmileAwhile.com

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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