Jul 26, 2014

Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked

Book Details
Author: Jessica Warner
Release Date: July 2014
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Children's Picture

This book is SO BEAUTIFUL!
Written easy enough to understand by a child...
Enjoyable for all ages :)

Twenty-five-thousand children took the journey from Nauvoo, IL to Salt Lake City, UT.

They worked and played....

Sang and prayed...

But mostly they walked and walked and walked.

Elizabeth Fetzer Bates wrote a song that has been sung for generations.

Now it is beautifully illustrated and in a keepsake book!

Fascinating facts on the page sidebars give answers to some of these questions:

* Why did the pioneers leave during the winter?
* What animals did the pioneers bring with them on the trail?
* How often did they wash their clothes?
* What did they use for kindling when they couldn't find any wood?
* What kinds of games did the children play?
* What time of day did they get up?
* Where did the pioneers sleep?
* And more

The Mormon Pioneer Trail is 1,300 miles long...for the average 12-year-old that is about 2,990,100 steps!

The book gives you a link to a website where you can look up to see if any of your ancestors were pioneers.

Also included is the music and a vocabulary list.


About the Author
Jessica Warner's interest in her own pioneer ancestors was piqued by her grandmother's Christmas cactus. Its vibrant red blooms in the middle of winter caught her attention, and her grandmother told her how that very plant had made the journey from England across the plains in a handcart with a pioneer ancestor. That cactus has been passed down from generation to generation ever since. Pioneer stories and traditions like this have always been a part of Jessica's life--things like making corn-husk dolls and gypsum marbles, playing Fox and Geese, and using "homemade" lye soap.

Jessica grew up in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. She participated in a pioneer trek reenactment in Utah's west desert as a young adult (where she experienced the joys of a sprained ankle and chopping off chicken heads), and has visited most of the historic sites along the Mormon Pioneer Trail (including an off-road adventure over Rocky Ridge that ended in a destroyed tire). She and her husband are now raising their own family in New England, where they have grown to love the land so many of the pioneers left behind when they migrated West.


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