Jul 17, 2014

Meet Claudine Gueh Yanting

Claudine writes and reads at her small publishing house, CarryUsOff Books, Singapore. She teaches English, pipes hello to stray cats, and enjoys blue seas and green trees. She hopes her stories will encourage children to step out into the world braver and stronger.
Claudine has 2 really fun children's stories...

Little Orchid's Sea Monster Trouble
If we take a special one from the sea, the sea will take a special one from us.

Or maybe, Little Orchid thinks, a not-so-special one.

It begins with a desperate wish to prove to Ma that she isn't spouting nonsense about the Giant Cuttlefish. Yet when Little Orchid encounters the sea monster face-to-face, she can only stand by and watch helplessly as it gets killed for dinner. Horror and guilt wash over her. That night, Little Orchid wakes up and finds boils all over her body, her nose and mouth stretched, and her fingers transforming into creature-like arms.

With an unexpected storm approaching, and without a proper goodbye to her family, Little Orchid must now leave home and start a new life as a sea monster.

My Clearest Me
When Wynn overhears his teacher saying that he is very quiet, and that he might have no friends or let Dreams pass, the six-year-old wonders if he ought to be a different boy to fit the crowd.

Wynn climbs out of his room into the big night-world, and asks the stars and Moon if they have ever felt the need to be 'amongst the crowd, the rowdy heap?'

The night sky creatures send their opinions and advice to being one's clearest self. Wynn likes it, but worries that other children might not like his clearest self. So he tries to join them in making loud music ...

Will he be able to make friends with his clearest self? Will this quiet boy let his dreams pass? What if one of his biggest dreams is to play in the crazy circus? Will he fit?


  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Shauna. You're very kind!

    1. You are so very welcome!
      Keep writing!
      And come visit my site again soon :)



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