Jul 2, 2014

Death's Academy

Book Details
Author: Michael Bast
Release Date: January 2014
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

What a FUN book!
A GREAT story to read together as a family!
A PERFECT summer read ~ especially for young boys!

The opening scene is Midnight Smith trying to plan the demise of a chipmunk.

WHY? Because he has an exam coming up...

An exam to achieve entrance into the Death's Academy...

For you see, he wants to be a "reaper."

But things go wrong in more ways than one...

And Midnight will have to "join forces with the hated Guardian Angels."

Trouble with school~
Trouble with parents~
Old crazy hags~
Arch enemies~
And a game where you kick a skull instead of a ball~

This book is filled with humor, adventure, enemies, and friendships.

"Becoming a Grim Reaper has never been more hilarious!"

About the Author
I am from Arizona, I have four kids that I kind of like, depends on the day. I used to collect a lot of different things. Comics, baseball cards, precious stones, toys, movies, music, stuff like that. But this is what is a little weird about me. I didn’t like to read comics, I wasn’t a big baseball fan. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a sapphire and a ruby besides that their different colors. So why did I collect them? This is a bit embarrassing, because I thought I was going to get rich, by holding on to them… guess what, it didn’t work.

Before becoming an author I was a filmmaker. I made a couple of independent films and documentaries. I always believed that filmmaking was my greatest passion, but then I finally heeded my wife’s nagging and sat down to write a book. I haven’t made a movie or thought about filmmaking since. I have written two books and am in the process of writing a third. Death’s Academy is my second novel.

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


  1. This sounds like a cute book! The guy's voice in the trailer reminded me a bit of Jim Dale's voice (he narrates the Harry Potter series).

    1. This book really is a FUN BOOK!
      The voice is GOOD!
      Thanks for taking time to come see me.
      Come back again :)



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