Jun 27, 2014


For the past couple of years I have 
participated in the Summer Book Trek
hosted by New LDS Fiction

And I win about 6 books books each year :)

It's EASY to do...come join me this year~

How to Play~

1. Read books by LDS authors during the month of July. Not sure if the author is LDS? You can do a search at NewLDSFiction.com OR see the growing list on GoodReads. You do not have to be LDS to participate.
2. Record what you read on your blog. Don't have a blog? I have set one up just for that purpose HERE...instructions are on the blog :) 
3. Fill in the Rafflecopter to earn points. The Rafflecopter is found HERE
See what books you can win HERE

What are you going to read in July?


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