Jun 23, 2014

Upon Destiny's Song

Book Details
Authors: Mike Ericksen and Sage Steadman
Release Date: June 2013
Publisher: Empath Media
Genre: Historical Fiction

Sacrifice, Love, and Courage.

These are the things that the Willie and Martin Handcart company travelers had!

This book is a REMARKABLE telling of one family joining one group that came across one ocean and embarked on one incredible journey.

Your heart will be touched as you read the encounter of the Ole Madsen family.

They "answered the call of the early leaders" to gather to Zion.

A place far away from their homeland of Denmark.

At the time the Saints were crossing the plains with only handcarts as they were easier and faster.

But that also meant the saints had to walk the 1,300 miles and leave behind most of their possessions.

The Madsen family was assigned to the Willie Company...the company that left late in the season, ran out of food rations, and had to endure harsh winter storms.

As author and descendant Mike Ericksen searches for his great-grandmother Marie.

He feels a powerful connection to her as he too is enduring life's trials.

He gains great strength in knowing that we must all make hard decisions and become to our family the "true heroes" that they can look up to.


"Mike Ericksen has previously chronicled the amazing story of his family’s roots through song and speaking engagements at LDS firesides across the country.

Now the engrossing stories of his ancestors and the lessons he’s learned in pursuit of their legacy are finally available in Upon Destiny’s Song.

The kindle version of this book does not come with a music CD."

About the Authors
Mike Ericksen is a classical guitarist and song-writer. He has performed in productions and concerts extensively with music and stories of heritage across the country. Ericksen was involved in the Lee Groberg film Sweetwater Rescue and later produced, in conjunction with Mark Goodman and Lee Groberg, the award winning documentary Walking in Obedience: The Ole Madsen Story. He has produced an extensive array of media revolving around faith, family and heritage which includes films, recording albums and music notation. He currently is a member of Cedar Breaks, a folk band who just released their first album, Tyme Aspects of Home. Mike lives with his wife, Cheri, and family in Utah.

Visit Mike online at www.cedarbreaksband.com

Sage Steadman has a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Utah. She became a licensed mental health therapist while pursuing her passion for writing. She is the author of inspirational self-help teen novel, Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter, written under her pen name The Hippie. She has been heralded as a talented new writer who tackles her novels with a witty, raw and honest approach. She currently lives near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Visit Sage online at www.thehippiewriter.com &www.snowflakeobsidianbook.com

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


  1. These books always look good. I am so grateful for the world I live in know. I can't even imagine what they had to go through!

    1. This is a WONDERFUL book!
      Their stories, both pioneer AND descendant are truly heart-touching!
      SO. GOOD.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Come see me again :)

  2. You must read this book. I really cherished the incredible way these stories connect me to my ancestors. What a treasure of obedience.



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