Jun 26, 2014

Meet Tristi Pinkston w/ eBook Giveaway

Tristi Pinkston is the author of twenty published books, including the bestsellers "Dearly Departed" and "Dialogue Dynamics."

She works as a freelance editor and author mentor, and when she's not writing, editing, or homeschooling her children, she enjoys reading, watching good movies, and taking really long naps.

She eats ice, which she realizes is very bad for her teeth but she does it anyway, and she can't write without a tube of Chapstick nearby.

Visit her website at www.tristipinkston.com

She is also the owner of Trifecta Books
When asked WHY she started Trifecta this is what she posted on Facebook:

"The books for Saturday's launch are stacked up at the foot of my bed, all set to go. My daughter wandered in and said, "Mom, can I read this one?" taking a book out of the case on top. I said, "Yes. You can read anything you want. I will never publish a book you can't read." And that is why I started a publishing company. Because I have a daughter who has chosen to read good books, and I want to help provide them :)"

Tristi will be releasing a new young adult comedy, "Take My Advice," through Trifecta Books this fall, and she will also be releasing a new edition of her first-ever published book, "Nothing to Regret," this summer.

Tristi is an AMAZING person! I have worked with her for a while now over the internet...

It was SO FUN meeting her in person!

She was taking the day to focus on the Trifecta authors and therefore did not have any of her own books to sign.


I am doing an eBOOK GIVEAWAY of her 

Shannon Tanner has it all: a perfect family, a perfect job, and a perfect boyfriend. Or so she thinks. What Shannon doesn't know is that her boyfriend, Mark, is stealing money from her father and making millions doing it. When Shannon learns Mark's secret, he turns on her, and Shannon's life abruptly goes from perfect to perilous.

In an effort to protect Shannon, the FBI assigns their only female agent to go undercover as her personal bodyguard. But when the agent is injured the day before the assignment, they turn to the next best thing: their top agent, Rick Holden, in a dress.

Life seems safe again for Shannon with Rick by her side and Mark apparently gone for good. Then Shannon gets word that her best friend has been kidnapped, and it becomes clear that Mark isn't going to stop any time soon. Shannon realizes the only way to save herself and her friend and stop Mark once and for all is by sending Rick, her only source of protection, away.

Can Rick save Shannon before it's too late?

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You can find Tristi's other books on 


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