Jun 27, 2014

Lady of Gaia

Book Details
Author: Tricia Ballad
Release Date: May 2014
Publisher: Faeland Press
Genre: Fantasy

No time to read this summer?

Well this is a QUICK, FUN read!
A short story to take you away into the land of Fae.

Kathleen has just turned 16 and unless she can think of something else she will have to marry the wealthy village drunk...

A marriage arranged by her father.

Walking in the woods alone can be dangerous, but Kathleen needs a place to think before it is too late.

She is surprised to meet a fae from Oreveille.

He promises to take her to his world and protect her.

It has to be better than what is awaiting her in town doesn't it?

They will find themselves standing "in the face of greed, pettiness, and laws neither she nor her lover are powerful enough to ignore."

A fun stand-alone story.
And/or a great companion book to Daughter of Oreveille.

About the Author
I make stuff up.
Then I write it down.
I publish the good bits.

I never really grew out of playing pretend or sitting cross-legged on the rug for storytime. Depending on my mood, I’m either four years old or eighteen or eighty.

I like cats. My cat told me so.

I geek out. A lot. And I’m really jazzed that geekery has widened to include more than Linux and gaming. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Linux or gaming. But there’s more out there, you know?) So what do I geek out on?

Food. I like really good, really interesting food. Especially food that doesn’t freak out my overactive immune system. Stupid allergies!

Art. But only the art I like. The art that tells me stories. Art that’s just…there…being art…doesn’t really excite me. Yeah, I know, I just don’t understand it. Whatever. Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns, and landscapes with paths to somewhere…Good Stuff. Random shapes that don’t make any sense? Not so much.

Travel. Not the “crash on my sister’s couch” kind of travel. Really nice resort with on-property spa travel. I would totally switch places with Samantha Brown.

Historically Accurate Gowns. If I thought I could get away with it, I’d probably dress like it was 1895. Or 1137. Or any time in between. What can I say? Clothes were prettier then (at least if you were wealthy enough to afford the good stuff)!

Old Houses. Especially Victorians. And castles. Well…replica castles with modern insulation and plumbing.

Oh – and I drink absurd amounts of coffee.

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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