Dec 2, 2013

Kat McGee and The School of Christmas Spirit w/ Book AND eBook Giveaway

Book Details
Author: Rebecca Munsterer
Release Date: November 2013
Publisher: In This Together Media
Genre: Christmas

This book is by far the cutest Christmas book I have read all season!

I giggled when I opened page one and saw the cutest Georgianna Endrigo Manderioli

Each chapter had one of these whimsical elves...

I have included them here as they are WAY TO CUTE not to share!

Katherine Elizabeth McGee, or Kat as she prefers, was a least that's how everyone made her feel.

After an unexpected accident Kat's nickname became Kat McPee...I will let you guess at what that accident was.

After not getting a part in the Christmas pageant Kat is pleasantly surprised when the Gram McGee comes for her visit.

Gram is the only one who makes Kat feel special.

After sharing her sad story with Gram, Kat goes to bed and finds there a beautiful snow globe.  Swirling the snow causes Kat to transform...into...a most wonderful place...the North Pole.

While there Kat is instructed, along with other students in the School of Christmas Spirit, by none other than Mrs. Sadie Claus herself.

Kat learns from Mrs. Claus and the elves some wonderful lessons about life:

How to build Self-Worth
How to cultivate Wisdom
How to encourage Wonder
How to delight in the Whimsy

Most of all Kat learns that she can stand up for herself and become Somebody Special :)

My favorite lines from the book:

"People who believe in the unbelievable live unbelievably wonderful lives."

"Wonder is curiosity in its purest form."

"It is the essence of spirit that makes us try new things and take chances."

"There is something for everyone and everything for someone."

"Whimsy is what happens when you allow yourself to be the person you are naturally."

This book is fun...and amazing...and I just can't say enough good about this book!

Please give yourself a treat this year and read this book...I am SO GLAD that I did :)

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About the Author
Rebecca Munsterer is the author and creator of Novel Nibble, an online website devoted to both serial fiction and musings about writing. An avid non-fiction writer as well, Rebecca has published articles in SKI, ISLANDS, READER'S DIGEST and various other periodicals. During the day, Munsterer works as the Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Dartmouth College where she reads over 2000 college essays annually. Munsterer lives in Norwich, Vermont where she finds inspiration for characters among the townsfolk.

(A review copy was provided for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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