Dec 19, 2013

Clean Authors Event ~ $ .99 Sale

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Look at what you can get for only $ .99 :)
Clean, Safe, Wonderful Books
Offer ends Dec 21st

Not So Easy by Sherry Gammon ~ Kindle
Courage by Molly Evangeline ~ Kindle
Beyond the Wood by Michael J. Roueche ~ Kindle
Awakening by Christy Dorrity ~ Kindle
The Dream Keeper by Mikey Brooks ~ Kindle
Finding June by Shannen Camp ~ Kindle
Maid of Sherwood by Shanti Krishnamurty ~ Kindle
The Dreamstone by Mikey Brooks ~ Kindle
Wooing Sam Walker's Widow by Pamela Kay Murphy ~ Kindle
Pwned by Shannen Camp ~ Kindle
Apprentice Cat by Virginia Ripple ~ Kindle
Across the Western Sea by Sandra L. Finton ~ Kindle
The Secret of the Statue by L. Conley Jones ~ Kindle
Word and Deed by Rachel Rossano ~ Kindle
Truth by Molly Evangeline ~ Kindle
Fifty by L. Anne Carrington ~ Kindle
Shattered by Lynn McMonigal ~ Kindle
Destiny's Path by Robyn Steele ~ Kindle
Miracle Play by Lynn McMonigal ~ Kindle
Summertime by Lynn McMonigal ~ Kindle
Traitor's Knife by Elizabeth Kaiser ~ Kindle
The Marilyn Diaries by L. Anne Carrington ~ Kindle
Fight for You by Misty Moncur ~ Kindle
Trust by Molly Evangeline ~ Kindle
The Storm by Andru McMonigal ~ Kindle
The Case of the Haunted Library by L. Conley Jones ~ Kindle
Memory Apart by Daniel Elijah ~ Kindle

Highlighted titles are books I have already will take you to my review :)


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