Dec 23, 2013

Bunny Donny and Michelle's Camp Performance

Book Details
Author: Shir Family
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Children's Picture

This book is PERFECT and FUN story for all ages!
It also teaches a GREAT LESSON in overcoming fears of performing:

"If you prepare and practice, you will always succeed!"

Donny and Michelle have enjoyed a wonderful summer of camp activities.
The final activity is a talent show.

Donny and Michelle are the youngest campers and feel really nervous about performing.

With the help of their mother they plan a fun script to sing.

It is HARD work leaning and memorizing!

They practice over and over!

They are tired!

Michelle cries!

Donny stomps the floor!

But they finally get it right!

See how the performance goes in this WONDERFUL story!

About the Author
When our children were younger, they asked for bedtime stories every evening.

We, Mom Dina and Dad Andrey, created a character bunny named Donny.
Every evening, we came up with new stories about bunnies, Donny and his sister Michelle, and their family.
We made up different stories with different situations that would help our kids to rise above their difficulties and fears. By listening and reading along with Donny and Michelle, our children, just like the cute little bunnies, began to believe in their amazing abilities.

We decided to make children's books about Bunny Donny and his family.
We hope that our book will help other children and their parents in their path.

Shir Family


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