Dec 24, 2013

Make Him Room

Book Details
Author: Kirsten Oliphant
Release Date: November 2012
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Genre: Christmas, Inspiration

I LOVE "daily devotional" books like this!
They really help me with my scripture study!

I SO RELATE with the quote:
"Without meaning to we may become like that innkeeper in Bethlehem: we would love to have Jesus, but our rooms are full. Taken up with gifts, parties, acts of giving and mercy, Christmas events, ugly sweater parties, baked goods, or even family celebrations. We may make a place for Jesus among these, but it isn't always a place fit for a king."

Isn't it interesting that even GOOD things can crowd out the BEST things!

So I am GRATEFUL for books like that that bring me back to my Savior.

I ADORE how Kirsten put this book together...

"Advent is a time where we read many of the prophecies foretold of and fulfilled by Jesus. In the following devotions, I pair up the Old Testament with the New, forming a full circle."

Kirsten gives you scriptures to study...
Then she gives you a 'connection' to be made...
Followed by 'Questions for Reflection'.

An AMAZING book to be studied ANYTIME during the year!

About the Author
Kirsten Oliphant wrote her first novel in third grade on the colored pages of a Hello Kitty notebook. After getting her MFA in Fiction from UNCG, she writes novels that she may finish sometime when her three small children go to college.

In the meantime, she blogs at, plays roller derby, starts small kitchen fires while creating tasty food, and writes christian non-fiction. Her husband is a youth pastor who would love to be a professional ultimate frisbee player. They live in Houston, where it is humid, but on the plus side, there are alligators.

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