Dec 13, 2013

Happy Are We!

Book Details
Author: Val Chadwick Bagley
Release Date: October 2013
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Inspiration

I LOVE the blurb on the back cover:

"In 1978, while serving in the Virginia Roanoke Mission, my first Mormonism cartoon was published in the New Era. That first cartoon is here in the very book you are now holding, along with more than a hundred others from the past 35 years. Every topic---from missionaries, home teachers, church callings, and bishops interviews to pioneer treks, dating, Scouting, the Bible, and the Book of Mormon, to name just a few--is covered. I went to college four different times but never finished a quarter. One of my art teachers said, 'You'd be a good artist if you'd just quit this cartooning thing.' I like doing the cartooning thing better." ~Val Chadwick Bagley

We LOVE that he does the cartooning thing too!

You gotta see this book!
It will leave you laughing and smiling and wanting so much MORE!

Here is my favorite picture from the book~ know that I come from a family of 'paint sellers' :)


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