Jun 17, 2013

Glimmer of Hope

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Book Details:
Author: Sarah M. Eden
Release Date: Jun 2013
Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.
Genre: Regency Romance

Sarah Eden is definitely one of the best regency romances writers!

She writes with such a passion that you can feel the emotions of the characters that help you fall in love with each and every one of them.

Her stories often involve a man and a woman~
The man always believes one way and the woman always believes another way and in the end they find out they were both wrong.

But that is what makes the book so right...And so good!

Maranda believes that when her husband left her to attend to business it was his way of saying he wants nothing to do with her.

Carter believes that when Maranda left while he was away on business that it was her way of saying she wants nothing to do with him.

Now three years later Carter takes his holiday party to his countryside home and finds that Maranda has been living there all along.

Propriety holds them hostage and they must make everyone believe that they are a happily married couple in order to avoid any further scandal.

When truths come out the couple realizes there marriage does indeed contain a "glimmer of hope."

This is a book you will truly LOVE, and DEVOUR, and thoroughly ENJOY!

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From the Author:
I'm not normal. I'm an author. I spend enormous amounts of time avoiding responsible things like cooking dinner and doing laundry and making vital phone calls. Instead, I fill my days with making up stories, talking to voices in my head, and laughing hysterically at my own wit. Like I said, I'm not normal.

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