Jun 10, 2013

Above Rubies

Book Details
Author: Jaclyn M. Hawkes
Release Date: April 2013
Publisher: Spirit Dance Books, LLC
Genre: Romantic Suspense

WOW! This author is SO GOOD!

Rossen and Slade have just finished the rodeo circuit and have taken top honors in their events.

As they are leaving town they witness a girl being attacked by a gang member. They rescue her and take her to the hospital....

But when the hospital will not work on her due to lack of ID and not knowing her age. The two cowboys decide to take her home to Wyoming.

The story that unfolds is so sweet and tender with times of mystery and realized gifts.

Thrown in are also time of thrilling entertainment and wonder.
In the end one girl realizes that her worth is "above rubies."

If you love romantic suspense novels you will LOVE this author!

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About the Author
Jaclyn M. Hawkes grew up in Utah with 6 sisters, 4 brothers and any number of pets. (It was never boring!) She got a bachelor’s degree, had a career and traveled extensively before settling down to her life’s work of being the mother of four magnificent and sometimes challenging children. She loves shellfish, the out of doors, the youth and hearing her children laugh. She and her fine husband, their family, and their sometimes very large pets, now live in a mountain valley in northern Utah, where it smells like heaven and kids still move sprinkler pipe.

Jaclyns's books take you to many different states here in the USA...I thought it would be fun to see the top 10 places Jaclyn herself would like to visit...

The Top Ten Places I Would Love To Visit by Jaclyn M. Hawkes
1. Ireland
2. Scotland
3. Anything British Isles--especially some of the islands
4. Any Caribbean Island
5. Australia
6. New Zealand
7. New Foundland
8. Iceland
9. All things Texas
10. Book of Mormon land (South/Central American sites)

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However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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