Jun 11, 2013

Mr. Nice Spy

Book Details
Author: Jordan McCullum
Release Date: May 2013
Publisher: Durham Crest Books
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Romantic Suspense will always be one of my favorite genres.

I LOVE the suspense...

and then when you speckle it with a just a little bit of romance...OH. SO. WONDERFUL!

This book has it all...and in good proportions!

Elliott is just trying to catch the elusive bad guy. But when his fiance says she needs some time AND he sees his partner, Talia, in a whole new light....

"Professional and personal lines blur and Elliott has to choose—his fiancĂ©e or his best friend."

All while still trying to catch the elusive bad guy.


A short-read makes this the PERFECT book for a get-away afternoon of romantic suspense :)

Mr. Nice Spy is a prequel to the novel I, Spy, available now. To save her country and her secrets, CIA operative Talia Reynolds will have to sacrifice the man she loves.

Watch for my upcoming review of I, Spy :)

About the Author
An award-winning author, Jordan McCollum can’t resist a story where good defeats evil and true love conquers all. In her day job, she coerces people to do things they don’t want to, elicits information and generally manipulates the people she loves most—she’s a mom. Jordan holds a degree in American Studies and Linguistics from Brigham Young University. When she catches a spare minute, her hobbies include reading, knitting and music. She lives with her husband and four children in Utah.

A digital review copy of this title was provided for this review.
However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


  1. Thanks, Shauna! So glad you enjoyed it! Hope your readers will, too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
      And THANK YOU for doing a FREE ebook offer!
      I did LOVE IT! I am LOVING I, Spy too...
      Watch for that review :)



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