Jun 13, 2013

Road to Bountiful

Book Details
Author: Donald S. Smurthwaite
Release Date: May 2013
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Drama

What an AMAZING road trip between a nephew and his great-uncle.

Levi's job is that of a boxboy and a bagger at a grocery store...Not too glamorous...

So when his aunt offers him $600 to go pick up her father he jumps at the chance!

He is purely in it for the money...
That is until he meets Loyal...

Along the way lessons will be learned...
Hearts will be softened...
Life will slow down...

Loyal will teach Levi about the beauty of patterns, the strength of slowness, the wonder of pace, and the link between wisdom and time.

Levi will, in turn, take Loyal in a fast red car, take him fishing and hiking and give him the road trip of a lifetime.
And we get to go along for the ride too!

A wonderful, tender book filled with humorous moments...
wait until you meet Evelyn and Glen...
This is truly a road trip worth remembering!

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About the Author
Donald Smurthwaite is a native of Portland, Oregon. He and his wife, Shannon, are the parents of four children, whom he always will consider his best works. He has written eight novels, a couple dozen short stories, and lots of magazine stories, some of which were actually pretty good. He writes splendidly about golf, although he has grown ambivalent about the game in his middle-aged years. He runs ten miles a week and makes killer chocolate chip cookies, and yes, there is a connection between the two. He answers every fan letter or e-mail he receives. Lately, that hasn’t been much of a workload.

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