Jun 12, 2013

The Primary Program

Album Details
Artist: Maurice Dew
Release Date: 2013
Produced by: Pioneer Productions, LLC

I am excited to share with you a fun new CD~~
The Primary Program

A little hip-hop!
A little rap!
A little Primary!
A lot Maurice!
A fun way to jazz up the Primary songs!
Great for the whole family!

Maurice is an LDS rapper.
His melodic hip-hop and clever lyrics have made him one of the top LDS hip hop artists.

Click HERE to hear his fun, unique style :)

I love how he listed his songs...in literal 'program' fashion...very fun!

I asked Maurice to tell us some fun facts about himself....

I enjoy short books, with a self improvement theme. I like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Who Moved My Cheese.

I read books to study or learn something. The deeper I get into fatherhood, the more I enjoy books at my kids' age level. We read a lot of choose your own adventure or Hardy Boy books.

My aunt Sheri would be angry if I didn't say that we love any children's book printed and published by Deseret book. Yes, I have read Pingo books and children's scripture books.

I am the nephew of Sheri Dew.

I have recently gotten into acting and I would love to pursue this career along with my music. My imdb page left out my middle name, but is filed as Cory Dew.

I won Student Of The Year Award in 4th grade. My educational experience went all downhill from there ;-)

I love inventing and building things around the house. My wife makes many of my new creations remain in the garage or backyard though. I love taking an image in my brain and creating it. I have built additions to the home, bed frames, shower heads, and water toys for the kids to name a few.

I love exercising and eating healthy. I regularly run and play basketball. I stay away from granulated sugar and high fructose corn syrup, which means my diet is pretty boring and flavorless. But being unhealthy scares me too much to go back to my old eating habits (bribing Dairy Queen extra money to make me a 32oz Blizzard in a milk shake cup).

I record with my children. They often want to bang on the keyboard or recite what they said in their church talks. Since I have a home studio, my kids often spend time in the studio and vocal booth. They think it's normal to hear themselves on the car stereo and don't understand why other kids don't have songs too.

My wife is a seamstress and clothing designer. This makes for many collaborative efforts from her designing or tailoring some merchandise for me, or me pitching ideas for her to create.

I have never had a cavity.

I did not tell my mom I received my patriarchal blessing or mission call until after I had received each of them. I also moved out 10 days after my mission. She still reminds me of these incidences all the time. I invited her to my wedding though, so we're even ;-)

I love my truck. Maybe a little more than I should. It currently has 419,000 miles on it and I will drive that thing until the wheels fall off...and then I'll duct tape them back on.

A review CD was provided for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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