Aug 25, 2015

Sunrise over Scipio

A review copy was provided

by H. Linn Murphy

When barrel-racing champion Tamsin Tucker is seriously injured in an accident, her whole world crashes down around her. She is abandoned in a tiny Utah town, where her leg is amputated to save her life. Tamsin’s horse is gone, she has no family, and she feels God has forsaken her. From where she stands, prospects are bleak.

Through what she comes to recognize as a blessing from heaven, Tamsin finds friendship with those who assist in her recovery. Her nurse, Sarah, has her own set of problems, but a faith Tamsin can’t deny. Handsome doctor Travis Mayfield questions his belief in God until he witnesses divine intervention on Tamsin’s behalf.

Getting on her feet won’t be easy. But with a new-found purpose, the help of friends and of a man who adores her, and the matchless love of her Heavenly Father, Tamsin will forge a new life.

Note from Author
We were on vacation in Utah, driving through a string of tiny towns. As we flashed through a minute, run-down town called Scipio, I thought, "Self, you have to write a  story for Scipio. Someone needs to know there is such a place."

Note from a Traveler
"It's always great when you find a town you really like, especially when you're not expecting one. I drove into Scipio, thinking it was nothing more than a junction with Interstate 15. Instead, I found a charming little farming town, and a hundred different places to take a picture. I needed to pass through quickly, in order to stay on my schedule, but I ended up spending, perhaps, an hour here." --Source
My Review
WOW! What an AMAZING book!

Tamsin is my NEW HERO! She loses her leg, she loses her husband, she loses her horse, she loses her home. And after losing her way for a small amount of time--

She get back on the saddle as they say :)

She makes new friends. Makes a home for herself. And makes the most out of life.

She still has ups and downs as any normal person would, but she strives hard to accomplish her goals...even racing a marathon...with one leg...WOW!

I love all the changes that come over her...strong writing gives a feeling of being SO REAL!

Sarah and Travis are fun to read about too.

Would love to read more from this author!

About the Author
H. Linn Murphy writes romance but loves to swerve from genre to genre, writing sci-fi and YA under the name Indigo Chase. She went to three colleges and a university, graduating with high honors in advertisting art/illustration/general education. She lives in Arizona with a husband she loves and three of her six children. Besides writing, she loves to dance, read, sing, swim, read, hike, play the tin whistle and bodrhan drum, read, and draw. She does book reviews for two bookstores and several online sites and writes for four blogs.


  1. Thank you for such a fabulous review! You totally made my decade. More stories coming your way soon. Until then, I do have a first book called Small Deceptions. I wrote it before I knew much about writing and it's all self-edited (so don't hold it against me...rofl). Someday I'll fix it back up and put it out again. Until then, it's .99 at Amazon.

  2. One more remark: SUNRISE OVER SCIPIO'S second printing is coming out soon. If you got a kindle edition, I can shoot you an improved version. I went through and fixed everything that bothered people. Thanks again for such a sweet review. You are The Cheese.



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