Aug 18, 2015

Made in the USA: The Game

by Mike Agrelius

Made in the USA is different than any other game you have ever played; it combines elements of card and board games and dominoes. Players create four lines of play using the four different patriotic suits. Players have the freedom to play as many cards as connect, or unit, to each other. For example, you may play a Seven, Eight and Nine of Stars, then play an Eight of Eagles. Play cards that connect to other players' cards. But when you change lines/suits then you will need to draw a "Changes in the Wind" card - so even when you think you have won, the round might not be finished.

My Review
This game is REALLY FUN!
We played it as a family, and then my husband and I played it after everyone was gone. While it was fun with just the two of us it was so much more fun with a group :)

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Think dominoes with a twist-

The USA cards are played like dominoes--simply connect with the same number (different suit) horizontally or with an adjacent number (same suit) vertically.

The twist comes with the "Event Cards" or the "Changes in the Wind Cards." These cards can block a suit or a player, they can force you to draw more cards, or they can free you.

It really makes you think and strategize! 

Fast paced! Lots of laughs and agonizes!

I really liked having the USA theme-- Card suits are: Stars, Shields, Eagles, and Bells. It honors military and first responders.

Some of the Changes in the Wind cards are:
*Give Me Liberty- Receive all the Liberty Bells from a player of your choice
*Born Free- Don't do anything, just sit there and enjoy being an American
*Standing Tall- If you played a Star card on this turn, draw a card.
*Luxury Tax- Draw a card if you have more than two cards in your hand.
*God Shed His Grace On Thee- Lift all blockades.
*Justice For All- Everyone (beginning with you) draw a card.

Grab this game for many hours of pure family fun!

About the Company
The Incredible Game Company has produced and marketed ABSTRACTS: The Game of Absurd Logic, MADE IN THE USA: The Card Game, and IN YOUR FACE: The Ultimate Revenge!

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