Aug 10, 2015

See Where I Have Been And Who I Have Been With

YES! You read that right!

My husband and I have been on an Alaskan Cruise with JOHN BYTHEWAY- John entertained us, inspired us, encouraged us, and uplifted us :)


The our first port was Ketchikan were we saw a Lumberjack show and wandered through a rain forest dotted with totem poles...amazing!

Juneau was up next with Mendenhall glacier and the fish intriguing!

Skagway took us gold panning, to the Yukon pass, and then to the Gold Rush Cemetery...very interesting!

Victoria, BC was our final port where we were enchanted with the Butchart Gardens...a must see!

I LOVE cruising! It is my FAVORITE way to travel! And I LOVE going with a group...makes it so much more memorable as you make friends and laugh and share and explore together.

Diane, aka Cruise Lady, is FANTASTIC! I so adored traveling with her! Check out her website! She travels all over the world taking LDS groups and headliner speakers to fun, exotic, and fascinating places. She is going back to Alaska in September with John Lund as the guest speaker.

Then she is taking LDS groups to:

* Canada/ New England with John Bytheway

* Jordan: Petra and Wadi Rum with an Escorted LDS Guide

* The Best of Israel with Victor Ludlow and Richard Draper

* Exotic Holy Land Cruise with Michael Ballam and Roy Christensen

* Book of Mormon Comes Alive in Mesoamerica with John Lund

* Winter Getaway in exotic Mexican Riviera with Jack Marshall

And that is just for the rest of the year--

She has more trips planned for 2016-- I am seriously looking at the Canada/New England Fall Foliage Cruise with Susan Easton Black and George Durrant!

Calories eaten - 18,906...and that is with me trying to be somewhat careful. You could easily eat 26,000+ calories on an 8-day cruise. One man termed the boat  as our "floating feeding machine."

Weight gained - only 2 pounds. I am really proud of that as an average person gains 1 pound for every day they are at sea.

Steps taken - 80,680 for 34.68 miles walked in 8 days.

Flights of stairs climbed - 75!

We had a terrific time! 
I took my books and will have reviews coming soon!


  1. Wow, that is so cool! I love your pictures! It looks like you had a great time!

    1. THANK YOU for stopping by!
      SO GLAD you left a comment!
      We did have a great time!
      Watch for upcoming book reviews of the books I took with me :)



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