Aug 26, 2015

Baptism and Boomerangs

A review copy was provided

by Sherrie L. M. Gavin
illustrated by Tatiana Lawton

Baptism brings us soaring back—just like a boomerang—into the arms of our loving Heavenly Father!

With colorful artwork, a fun story, and insightful analogies, this book helps parents and children discuss the importance of our first crucial covenant in God’s plan of happiness. 

Entertaining and uplifting, it makes a great gift for all your favorite eight-year-olds.

My Review
I absolutely adore this book!

I think it is a PERFECT way to teach about some of the concepts of baptism-- and life.

I loved that the extended family was included and chuckled as some of the fun things the little brother said.

I am impressed with the object lessons that came from throwing a boomerang such as:

* Just like a boomerang comes back to us "our Heavenly Parents have created a perfect plan so we [can] return to them."

* "You need to throw the [boomerang] the right way. Just like we need to live our lives the right way."

* When throwing a boomerang or living life it can sometimes seem hard and we might want to quit, but we need to "keep working at it...start fresh...learn from mistakes...then go again."

This book also explains all the help we receive and how we are never alone...Love that lesson :)

So many great books are coming out right now to help a young child better understand baptism and what that truly means.

I highly recommend this one!

About the Author
Sherrie Gavin was born and raised in upstate New York, USA. Always looking for romance, adventure, and with a love of writing, she traveled to Australia and fell in love with a true Aussie bloke named Bruce. ‘Sruth! They married and began adventuring together, joined by two beautiful daughters who are the loves of their lives. Sherrie has been lucky enough to have contributed to Linda Hoffman Kimball’s Relief Society anthologies and The Exponent II. She also thinks that everyone should try throwing a boomerang at least once.

About the illustrator
Tatiana Lawton was born in Brisbane, Australia, but was raised up north on the sunny beaches of the Sunshine Coast. She was born with a love for life, art, and storytelling, and her pusuit to study a degree of film and animation came as no surprise to family and friends. Moving back to Brisbane, Tatiana completed her four-year degree. Since finishing her degree, she has been freelancing as an artist, contributing to short films as a concept artist, character designer, and storyboard artist. Tatiana has drawn her inspiration for this book from her Australian heritage and her appreciation for eternal families.

Note of Interest
Within the book you will see some Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting. Australian Aboriginal dot painting has a rich cultural history. It originated as a way to express sacred stories and celebrate the speckled natural landscapes seen throughout Australia. Because of its abstract nature, it was believed that outsiders would be unable to discern the sacred nature and symbols in the story being depicted in the artwork. In this, Australian Aboriginal dot art served three purposes: to tell a story, to protect the sacred nature of the story, and to be visually appealing.


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