Jun 1, 2015

The Princess Sisters Trilogy

by Stacy Lynn Carroll

The only thing she stands to lose are her shoes.

Cinderella is an ordinary teenage girl, with an extraordinary name. But because of that name, she and her cousins, Belle, Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White suffer years of torment from their peers.

Then as the girls enter high school and the enticing world of dating, a life-altering decision must be made. Is it finally time to stop fighting, and surrender to the fairy tale clich├ęs that have been holding them back?

By embracing their names, the girls discover an inner-strength they never knew existed. And by putting everything they have on the line, maybe, just maybe they will discover there really is such a thing as ‘happily ever after.’

One kiss can change the future...for better or for worse.

Belle and her cousins have conquered their fears. Now as they navigate their way through the dating world, they start to see a "happily ever after" on the horizon. 

But when an unexpected school assignment forces them to examine their past, the Princess sisters realize they have a lot of questions about the fathers they've never met. 

Secrets are revealed, long lost family members are discovered, and now the girls must decide who belongs in their future and who should be kept in the past.

Sometimes your biggest wish can become your greatest struggle.

With high school coming to an end, real life is about to begin for the Princess sisters. Belle is confronted with a choice that will change the course of her life. Aurora discovers a new passion while overcoming bullies. Ariel finds a new love interest who may be off-limits. And Cinderella and Scott finally reach a decision concerning their relationship. 

With everyone preparing for college and their futures, Snow White feels more left behind than ever. How can she take steps forward, when she remains so uncertain about her past? When a secret is revealed, Snow White must gain courage and discover for herself where she truly belongs. 

All this and more in the exciting and touching final book of The Princess Sisters trilogy. 

About the Author
Stacy Lynn Carroll has always loved telling stories. She started out at Utah State University where she pursued a degree in English, learned how to western swing, and watched as many of her fellow students became 'True Aggies'. She then finished her BA at the University of Utah where she got an emphasis in creative writing. After college she worked as an administrative assistant, where she continued to write stories for the amusement of her co-workers. When her first daughter was born, and with the encouragement of a fortune cookie, she quit her job and became a full-time mommy and writer. She and her husband have three children, two Corgis, and a fish named Don.



  1. This looks like an interesting trilogy, I also love the covers, especially the shoes.

    1. I so agree!
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      Come back again soon :)

  2. They look and sound Great!!!!
    Sarah B

    1. It's a FANTASTIC series :)
      Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving me a message!
      Come see me again :)



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