Jun 10, 2015

Book Blitz - The Paleo Cardiologist w/ Giveaway

Do you take drugs for cholesterol or high blood pressure? Are you looking to avoid a heart attack or stroke?

"The Paleo Cardiologist" is about finding the cause of heart problems, instead of the typical Band-Aid fixes of conventional medicine. The truth is that heart disease can be prevented naturally and cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson will show you how.

You can trust Dr. Wolfson. For 16 years he worked as a hospital cardiologist performing coronary angiograms and pacemakers. After meeting his chiropractic wife, Dr. Wolfson now runs a very successful, holistic cardiology office.

Inside "The Paleo Cardiologist," you will learn: 1) Paleo Nutrition is the food plan for health, 2) The importance of cholesterol to every cell in the body, 3) How to avoid pharmaceuticals and skip the dangerous procedures, 4) Why stress is bad for your heart and how to relax, 5) How to get rid of the chemicals and heavy metals, 6) Sleep is critical for heart health and how to get more Z’s, 7) The Top 20 supplements for heart health, 8) The Top 20 blood tests you need

Get informed. Get empowered. Read "The Paleo Cardiologist," the natural way to heart health.

Ready to pick up your copy?

Sneak Peak

1) Sleep is critical for heart health. Women who get 5 hours of sleep or less have a stroke risk that is 800% higher than women who get 7 hours.

2) Anger, anxiety, depression, and stress all increase the chance of a heart attack.

3) Air pollution damages the heart. Get an air purifier. Indoor air is usually worse than outdoor air.

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Dr. Jack Wolfson was born in Cleveland, Ohio. His father was the first osteopathic physician at the Cleveland Clinic. The family moved to Chicago where Dr. Wolfson was raised and did all of his training. He received his B.S. in Biology from The University of Illinois with dreams of following in his father's footsteps. He then enrolled at Midwestern University for his medical school training. He did a subsequent three-year residency in Internal Medicine and three year fellowship in Cardiology. In his final year, Dr. Wolfson was appointed Chief Fellow.

After finishing his training, Dr. Wolfson moved to Arizona in 2002. He joined a large cardiology group and was elected as a senior partner in 2006. After years of angiograms, pacemakers, and other procedures, Dr. Wolfson met the woman who opened his eyes to the wellness paradigm. Dr. Jack and Dr. Heather now practice as The Drs. Wolfson.

In 2012, Dr. Wolfson opened his own private practice with the idea of providing patients in-depth information about their health and the risks and benefits of all treatments. The focus is to use nutrition, evidence-based supplements, chemical avoidance, exercise, and relaxation to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. Patients seek his consultation from all over the world.

The Drs. Wolfson have two beautiful boys and live in Arizona. They have a rescue lab-mix named Sal. They love to hike and bike as a family. They are active soccer parents. The family eats organic food, grass-fed meats, and wild seafood. Both boys were born at home and breastfed for over three years. The Drs. Wolfson practice attachment parenting and co-sleep with their boys.

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