Jun 3, 2015

Could It Really Be This Easy?: The Eternal Equation of Success for Teens

Could It Really Be This Easy?: 
The Eternal Equation of Success for Teens
by Ted J. Peck

Satan wants us to believe that life is too hard, when really it’s amazingly simple!

AFTER YEARS OF WORKING with young men and women facing uncertain futures and important life decisions, Ted J. Peck realized that God is always answering our prayers. It’s up to us to learn to listen.

THE REST IS SURPRISINGLY EASY! In this humorous and uplifting book, you’ll find out how to

• Create a successful life with God’s help. 

• Take control of your experiences and trials. 

• Sort good thoughts from evil thoughts. 

• Repent quickly and constantly. 

• Set and achieve goals at school, work, and beyond.

DISCOVER A NEW OUTLOOK ON YOUR LIFE: you are a beloved, blessed child of God-—not a target of testing or punishment from a stern Father.

Uplifting and inspiring, this book is a must-read for teens and young adults!

About the Author
Ted Peck has taught seminary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for over 10 years and has served as bishop of his home ward and a college campus singles ward, working with many young people. He’s watched his three children and thirteen grandchildren grow and face their own life choices. Being married to his childhood sweetheart for forty-three years has taught him things he never imagined he would learn, and today the two of them are serving as a Senior Missionary Couple for the Church.


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