Jun 23, 2015

Meet Author Laura Briggs

Laura Briggs graduated from a Missouri liberal arts college in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Her passion for reading has inspired her to become a novelist. She has penned several Romance and Women’s Fiction novels, and hopes someday soon to dabble in the Mystery genre.


1) My first published story was available in eBook format only--even though I didn’t own an eReader for almost two years into my writing career!

2) One of my newest hobbies is growing pumpkins for fall decorating. I love the blue ‘Cinderella’ ones and plan to grow some of the crimson colored ones as well.

3) I still love to use old school technology sometimes, like records and VHS tapes.

4) Sense and Sensibility has been my favorite of Jane Austen’s novels, ever since I received a copy as a Christmas present in my teens.

5) Disney’s Aladdin was the first movie I saw at a movie theater.

6) Some of my current favorite TV shows are from PBS’ Mystery! and Masterpiece Theatre. I especially enjoy Sherlock, Endeavour, and Downton Abbey.

7) My guilty pleasure TV is the CW network’s costume drama Reign. I would love to own a gown like one of the gorgeous designs featured on the show!

8) World travel is a big dream of mine. I’ve been to England on a college trip, but we didn’t visit London, to my deep disappointment. I would love to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and Baker Street, among other sites.

9) In the summer, I like to reread the books I loved as a tween. Some of my favorites back then were mystery series, like The Spotlight Club and The Three Investigators.

10) I realized that despite all the fairs and theme parks I’ve visited through the years, I’ve never been on a Ferris Wheel.


Laura's book is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s EMMA 
with shades of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

Emma Benton—known as ‘Doctor Emma’—has a knack for advising the lovelorn and lonely on her radio show Heart Therapy. Em’s sympathetic manner and spot-on instincts provide the perfect answers, or so claims her boyfriend, the handsome and clever psychologist Frank, her producer Isabel, and her ever-expanding audience of listeners.

But Doctor Colin Ferris disagrees. During a guest segment on Em’s show, he challenges her advice on the air and offends her personally in their brief, private exchanges. Rude and pretentious, he’s the last person Em would imagine as the author of a best-selling guide on being a gentleman in modern times. He’s also the last person she would choose to work with—but Fate makes that decision before Em can avoid it.

In her worst PR nightmare ever, Em finds herself paired with Colin in a reality show quest to help a romantically-challenged young woman. Shy, awkward Harriet Smith needs more than just a little advice, but can two people so vastly different in their opinions really help her? As Em struggles to find common ground with Colin, she learns there’s more to him than meets the eye…and maybe more between them than opposing ideas about love.


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