Nov 20, 2014

The Miracle Maker

Book Details
Author: Ann Acton
Release Date: October 2014
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Christmas

It all started with one little phrase~

"The Miracle Maker is coming!"

Everyone was so excited and looked forward to it all day!

But when a shabby traveler was the only one to come into town everyone started to doubt.

Could it be he?

He doesn't look like a miracle maker.

But one little act at a time, and one person at a time everyone realizes that~

"Miracles can come in all shapes and sizes—
and sometimes from unexpected places."

And then it was they who ran to the next town shouting~ 

"The Miracle Maker is coming!"

This booklet is ONE OF THE BEST of this year!
You will be amazed at what the Miracle Maker does to bring about the Miracles!

PERFECT for the holiday season!
FABULOUS for a neighbor gift or stocking stuffer!


About the Author
My name is Ann Acton. I am a writer of children’s and young adult books. I live in the rainy state of Washington with my husband, kids, and an ever growing brood of pets. (I don’t do fish though, too much survivors guilt.) Thanks for dropping by. I hope on these pages you find something that makes you think, dream, or at least giggle a little bit.


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