Nov 5, 2014

When We Became Three

Book Details
Author: Jill Caryl Weiner
Release Date: December 2013
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Genre: Parenting

This is what the author has to say about this book:
"...low-maintenance and pressure free, wise yet whimsical way to capture all the milestones and special moments of your own special family."

I LOVE that! Who has time these days for elaborate anymore?

I also LOVE that the first thing this book has you record is how you and your spouse met...with a "fill in the blanks!" What a GREAT keepsake for baby!

You will then go on to write about how you felt when you found out you were expecting and how your spouse felt.

There is a place to tell about your cravings and "which of the seven pregnant dwarfs were you" :)

* Adventures of the expectant parents
* Making space for baby
* Gender predictions
* Places for pictures
* Games to assign baby duties
* And a first letter to baby

All this BEFORE the baby even comes...

Then you have spaces and fill-ins for:

* The birth experience~ including hopes and feelings
* Hindsight~ Do's and Don'ts of Childbirth
* Baby's Name
* Baby's Feature Match w/ if you were a baby animal, you would be...
* Baby's First Month
* Diaper Drama
* Other Baby's Firsts
* And MORE!

Spaces for special moments, fun moments, and even silly moments this book will take you through baby's first 2 years.


I LOVED the "Now and Then" is a sample:
"When we were two we liked to:
[ ] Sleep in on weekend mornings
[ ] Get up early and see the sunrise
[ ] Stay up to chat into all hours of the night

[ ] We're happy if you sleep until 5:00 a.m.
[ ] We're happy to go back to bed for a morning nap when you take one.
[ ] We get to stay up chatting into all hours of the night because you're up anyway.


Capture those precious milestone in this FUN, AMAZING book!

Sample Pages

About the Author
Jill started writing about parenting after her daughter was born in 1999. How else could she do telephone interviews while her children screamed and set fire to the apartment?

Her first assignment after her son was born in 2003 was helping the New York Times cover the New York City Marathon. It was an all day assignment so technology came to the rescue. She brought her laptop, digital camera, tape recorder, cell phone and breast pump. The marathoners thought they were up for a challenge but try pumping in Central Park on Marathon Sunday when you're surrounded by 35,000 people.

(A review copy was provided, however, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


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