Feb 4, 2014

Run For Your Life

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Book Details
Author: Jean Holbrook Mathews
Release Date: January 2014
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Suspense

I LOVE a good SUSPENSE NOVEL and this one was FANTASTIC!

Fast Pace
with a touch of hopeful Romance


Mattie just needed a breath of fresh air...

As she walked around the pool she could see something at the other end.

As she approached what looked like a towel she realized it was a body.

And not just any body...the body of her fiance.

Who would do this?

As she digs into an unofficial investigation she realizes that she has stumbled on to something way bigger than she was planning...

Multiple murders, cover-ups, lawsuits, conspiracy and now a mark on her life!

The only person she can trust is Jack...

And now she must make a 'run for her life.'

I LOVE Jean Holbrook Mathews' books!
I have read them all and highly recommend them all!

About the Author
Jean Holbrook Mathews has been a student of history and geography most of her life. She served as the administrative director for an international foundation headquartered in St. Louis with chapters in five countries, including the Philippines. She has traveled in Asia and Europe and lived in the Philippines for nearly two years while on a mission with her husband for the LDS Church. During that time she studied the culture, history, geography, government, and language of that nation, learning to love the people and those beautiful islands.

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