Feb 19, 2014

Making It Through the Middle

Book Details
Author: Emily Freeman
Release Date: January 2013
Publisher: Deseret Book
Genre: Inspiration

This book was written just for ME!
I need this book right now!

For I am in a 'middle'~
I am struggling with this 'middle'~
I am anxious to get out of this 'middle'~


LOVED this question:
"Have you ever noticed that when people talk abut their trials in a public setting, they tend to focus on what happened at the end? They talk about the miracle, the promise, the way it all worked out."

It's so TRUE!

"It isn't often that people talk about what happened in the MIDDLE of the trial!"

This book gives us HOPE!

Personal stories and scriptures are taught to bring us lessons that WILL HELP us through the "middle moments of our lives."

Two quotes I really needed to hear:

"Sometimes He refines us in ways we might not have wanted
because he needs to use us in ways we might not have thought."

"When you can't see God's hand, trust His heart."

If you or someone you know is going through a "middle" this book will bring you/them perspective and peace.

About the Author
Emily Freeman took her first creative writing class in high school and has loved writing ever since. She finds great joy in studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a desire to find their application in everyday life. She is the author of several books, including The Ten Virgins; 21 Days Closer to Christ; and The Promise of Enough. There is nothing Emily enjoys more for breakfast than a bowl of vanilla ice cream, raspberries, and chocolate chips. Other favorites include parades, vacations, firework displays, and going for a long walk with a good friend. Emily and her husband, Greg, live in Lehi, Utah, with their four children, whom she adores.


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