Feb 20, 2014

Blogger to WordPress...what do you think?

I am seriously thinking about switching from Blogger to WordPress
I LOVE the new design...Take a LOOK 8^)

My ONE drawback is that it will be harder to enter Rafflecopters...
Instead of seeing the rafflecopter on the post you will have to click a link to get to it.

Please leave me a comment if you use WordPress and how you like it...


  1. Are you thinking of free Wordpress or self-hosted Wordpress? If you're thinking self-hosted then you should definitely go for it! If I had the money to make the move I definitely would! But if you're thinking of moving to free Wordpress then I don't think it's worth it. I don't know too much about it but here's a great post about it: http://www.nosegraze.com/moving-from-blogger-to-wordpress-com/

    Can't wait to see what you decide!

    1. THANK YOU!
      That article was VERY HELPFUL!
      Still thinking bout it :)

  2. Keep in mind that if you move to self hosted WordPress, you'll still be able to embed Rafflecopter :) You only can't do it on free WordPress.

    1. Thank you Ashley...
      I just don't know enough about self hosting so I just have WordPress.com
      I tried to look into BlueHost today...so didn't understand a thing :)
      Come see me again soon :)



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