Feb 26, 2014

2B Not to Be

Book Details
Author: Robert Hardman
Release Date: January 2014
Genre: Fiction

VERY FUN book!
A quick read of CrEaTiViTy!

Red pen, black pen, pencil, paper, and writer all sit at the desk.

The deadline is coming, but thoughts are not...

"Reaching over to the jar, Tim pulls out the pencil and presses it against the paper ready to release the words from within..."

Then he "slowly lays the pencil to rest."

"With the moment lost, inspiration turns to desperation, then hope..."

as Tim opens the box from under the Christmas tree.

It is a laptop...

"...it looks so isolated, so out of place and so alone in Tim's timeless world, yet with pressure mounting...the moment of truth now looms near...he needs a second or two...so disappears off into the kitchen..." 

And with that red pen, black pen and pencil race into action...

They cannot be replaced so easily!

Read to find out if pencil 2B will continue to be...

A book you will talk about!

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About the Author
I'm a UK born, Canadian writer, poet and mobile game designer. I love the creative process, generating ideas in all different formats and letting my mind run wild to see where it takes me.


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