Jul 13, 2013

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Here is a list of some LDS authors and their 2013 books...
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Or have you read other books by these authors in the past two weeks?
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Abramson, Traci Hunter
Adair, Jared
• The Book of Jer3miah: Premonition (with Luisa Perkins)
Adams, T. Lynn
• Lair of the Serpent (Tombs of Terror #3)
Allen, N.C.
• Isabelle Webb: The Grecian Princess (Isabelle Webb #3)
Alsop, Cheree
• Hunter (Silver Series #6)
Anderson, Christie
• Ambrosia Shore (Water Keepers #3)
Anderson, Laura
Argle, Amber
• Winter Queen (Fairy Queens #1)
Argyle, Michelle Davidson
• Pieces (Breakaway #2)
Ashton, Brodi
• Everbound (Everneath #2)
Ashworth, Heidi
Autrey, Clover
• Highland Moon Sifter (Highland Sorcerory #4)
Aylworth, Susan
Baccellia, Kim
Badger, Orson T.
• Exodus: Moonbreak (#3)
Banks, Alex (Ali Cross)
Bateman, Marlene
• Motive for Murder (Erica Coleman #1)
Bellon, Julie Coulter
• Ashes Ashes (Hostage Negotiation Team #2)
Bennett, Cindy C.
• Watched
• Unmasking of Cinderella, The (Enchanted Fairytales #4)
• White Swan, The (Enchanted Fairytales #5)
Bradford, Charity
Branton, Teyla (Rachel Nunes)
• The Change (Unbounded #1)
• The Cure (Unbounded #2)
Bronson, Scott Everett
Brooks, Mikey
• The Dream Keeper (Dream Keeper Chronicles #1)
Camp, Shannen Crane
• Pwned
Card, Orson Scott
• The Gate Thief (Mithermages #2)
• Earth Afire (First Formic War #2) with Aaron Johnston

Carter, Stephen
• The Hand of Glory (Harrowed Valley Hauntings #1)
Cechini, Annie Laurie
• Liberty
Checketts, Cami
• Poison Me
• Running Home (Cassidy Christensen/Run Series #3)
Clark, Jennifer K.
Clark, Platte F.
Clarke, Linda Weaver
Clawson, Emily Gray
Clegg, Jaleta
• Poisoned Pawn (Fall of the Altairan Empire #3)
Cole, Frank L.
• Hashbrown Winters & the Whiz-tastrophe (Hashbrown Winters #4)
Collings, Michaelbrent
• Darkbound
• Strangers
Cook, Elaine T.
Cormack, Stanford A.
• Joseph: A Stalwart Witness (with Cecilia Jensen)
Cross, Ali
• Personal Demons (Desolation Diaries #1)
• The Seer (Desolation Diaries #2)
Daines, Julie
Dille, Maren
• Tale of Two Cemeteries, A (Screams 2)
Durbin, M.R.
Duzett, Allie
Eden, Sarah M.
Elkins, Russell
Evans, M.J.
Evans, Richard Paul
• A Step of Faith (The Walk #4)
Farland, David
• 22 Tall Tales (short stories)
Ferguson, Sam
• The Dragon’s Champion (Tales from Terramyr #1)
Fixsen, Jaima
• Fairchild
Flynn, Sandra Norton
• Be Mine
Ford, Julie N.
Ford, S.R.
• The Elements and the Exodus (Kingdom Chronicles #2)
Fowers, Stephanie
• With a Kiss (Twisted Tales 1)
• At Midnight (Twisted Tales 2)
• As the Sun Sets (Twisted Tales 3)
Gammon, Sherry
• Unbelievable (Port Fare #2)
George, Jessica Day
• Wednesdays in the Tower (Tuesdays at the Tower #2)
Gilchrist, Amber
Giles, Nichole
Green, Betsy Brannon
• Proceed with Caution (Hazardous Duty #4)
Gunderson, Phyllis
 Mounds Anomaly, The (Matt Howard #3)
Guymon, Shannon
• Do Over
• You Belong With Me (Love & Dessert #1)
Haberkorn, Jim
Hall, C. LaRene
• The Crusaders from Warwick Castle (Magical Journey #2)
Hall, Vickie
• Journey of Promise (Promise, #2)
Hansen, Jennie
Harman, Teri
Harrison, Mette Ivie
• The Princess and the Wolf (The Princess and… Series, #5)
Hawkes, Jaclyn M.
• Above Rubies (Rockland Ranch #2)
Hoagland, Maria
Horrocks, Heather
• Kissing Santa (Christmas Street #2)
Hughes, Dean
• Through Cloud and Sunshine (Come to Zion #2)
Hunt, Darvell
Jacobson, Melanie
James, Jenni
• Rumplestiltskin (Faerie Tale #3)
• Cinderella (Faerie Tale #4)
• Hansel and Gretel (Faerie Tale #5)
• Jack and the Beanstalk (Faerie Tale #6)
• Snow White (Faerie Tale #7)
• The Frog Prince (Faerie Tale #8)
James, Terron
• Insight (Beholders #1; revised)
Jensen, Cecilia
• Joseph: A Stalwart Witness (with Stanford A. Cormack)
Jensen, Krista Lynne
Johansson, J.R.
• Insomnia (Nightwalkers #1)
John, Rachel
Johnson, Elana
• Abandon (Possession #3)
Jones, Pauline Baird
Junus, Anna Marie
• Thimble Fingers (The Orchards of Marina Colleen #1)
• Witches Brew Ha-Ha (Witches #1)
Justesen, Heather
• Pistols & Pies (Sweet Bites #2)
Kersey, Christine
• Gone
Kilpack, Josi S.
• Baked Alaska (Sadie Hoffmiller #9)
Kirby, Robert
Kurland, Lynn
• Roses in Moonlight (MacLeod #13)
Larson, W. Thor
• Zombie Queen (Insecta: Planet of the Ants)
Latas, Jennifer
• Fall
Lavering, Ashley
• Star Cursed (Cursed #2)
Leafty, Danyelle
• Of Wind and Water (Snow Queen #1)
• The Trouble with Toads (Secret Stepsister Society #1)
Leavitt, Lindsey
Leigh, Cheryl
Lemon, Melissa
• Blue Sky
Little, Kimberley Griffiths
Low, Dene
Lyon, Annette
• Coming Home (Band of Sisters #2)
Martinson, Tyrean
Mathews, Jean Holbrook
McClellan, Brian
• Promise of Blood (Powder Mage #1)
McClellan, Rachel
• Fractured Soul (Fractured #2)
McClintock, MK
• Alaina Claiborne (British Agents #1; revised)
McClure, Marcia Lynn
McCollum, Jordan
• Mr. Nice Spy (I, Spy prequel)
• I, Spy
McIlvain, Ryan
• Elders
Mickelson, Marcia
• The Huaca
Monson, Adrienne
Moore, Heather B.
• The Daisy Chain (Aliso Creek #2)
• Lost then Found (Aliso Creek #3)
• One Chance (Aliso Creek #4)
Morgan, J. Lloyd
• The Zealous Star (Bariwon #3)
Morris, Chad
Mull, Brandon
• Chasing the Prophecy (Beyonders #3)
Nelson, Darrel
Nelson, Kelly
• The Keeper’s Quest (Keeper series #2)

Nielsen, Jennifer A.
• The Runaway King (Ascendence #2)
Norton, Preston
Novak, Brenda
• When Summer Comes (Whiskey Creek #4)
Olsen, Erik
• Raggleroot (Flin’s Destiny #3)
Oram, Kelly
• Chameleon
Ostler, Heather
• The Siren’s Secret (Shapeshifters #2)
Park, Greg
Patten, E.J.
• The Legend Thief (Hunter Chronicles #2)
Paulson, Bonnie R.
• Out of the Ashes (Into the End #3)
Pearson, Andrea
• Rise of Keitus (Kilenya #4)
Pehrson, Elise
Perkins, Luisa
• The Book of Jer3miah: Premonition (with Jared Adair)
Perry, Jolene B.
• 3 Sides to a Circle (w/Janna Watts)
• Manipulation (Shadows #2)
• Seeker (Shadows #3)
Peterson, Kathi Oram
• Wanted
Pike, Aprilynne
• One More Day (Life After Theft short story prequel)
Pinkston, Tristi
• Till Death Do Us Part (Secret Sisters #5)
Poulson, Claire M.
• Framed
Pratt, Sheralyn
• Unpleasant Grove (Rhea Jensen #5)
Rohrer, M. Ann
• Mattie
Sanderson, Brandon
• A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time #14; with Robert Jordan)
Savage, J. Scott/Jeffrey S.
• Air Keep (Farworld #3)
Schow, Betsy
• Trouble’s On the Menu (w/Caleb Warnock)
Sears, Gale
Slack, Mandi Tucker
Smurthwaite, Donald S.
Sowards, A.L.
Stastny, Charissa
• Secret Keepers (Eyes of Light #2)
Swedin, Eric G.
Taylor, Keary
• The Ashes (Eden prequel; novella)
• The Raid (Eden short story)
• The Bane (Eden #1)
• The Human (Eden #2)
Thayne, RaeAnne
• Current Creek Valley (Hope’s Crossing #4)
• Willowleaf Lane (Hope’s Crossing #5)
Thomas, Candace J.
• Vivatera (Secrets of Everstar #1)
Tullis, Heather (Heather Justesen)
• SEALed with Love (DiCarlo Brides #2)
• Reclaiming His Bride (DiCarlo Brides #3)
Vandagriff, G.G.
Vasicek, Joe
• Stars of Blood and Glory (Gaia Nova #4)
Warburton, Carole Thayne
Wardell, Jennifer
Warnock, Caleb
• Trouble’s On the Menu (w/Betsy Schow)
Washburn, The Brothers
Watts, Janna
• 3 Sides to a Circle (with Jolene Perry)
Weaver, Donna K.
Wells, Dan
• Fragments (Partials #2)
West, Kasie
Westover, Steve
• Return of the Mystic Gray (Crater Lake #2)
Wheeler, Jeff
• Fireblood
Whipple, Natalie
White, Dorine
White, Kiersten
Wiggins, Bethany
• Stung
Workman, RaShelle
Wymore, James
• Exacting Essence (Immortal Nightmare Cycle #1)
• Spring Vacation Collection (A Timeless Romance #2)
• Summer Wedding Collection (A Timeless Romance #3)

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  1. What a fun idea! Thanks for including me in the list!

    1. This challenge is from Karlene at NewLDSFiction.com...the list is from her :)
      But I DO LOVE your books!



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