Jul 18, 2013

The End Begins: Sudden Darkness w/ BOOK GIVEAWAY

Book Details
Author: Margot Hovley
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Dystopian

What a story!
What would you do if all the lights went out...for days on end?

What would you do if all of the electronic devices didn't work...like cars, phones, computers, games?

What would you do if you were asked to walk across the span of multiple states?

This story makes you really think about your life and what would happen if everything just quit and you were asked to leave it all behind.


Tragedy and war have filled the newspapers.

But, to Amelie life goes on as normal...
Well, as normal as her life gets anyway.

Then her world really falls apart.
Her father is whisked away to some unknown mission.

Her job and school get put on hold.
They have no electricity.
nd now they have been asked to leave everything behind and move from Washington to Utah.

Life is complicated even more when all the gasoline is stolen and they have to walk the entire way.

Walk this journey with her as she encounters, gunfire, kidnapping, terrorist threats, missionary moments, friendship, and love.

This is a story that will stay with you long after you have finished that last page.

Enjoy your life now...for you never know when or where 'the end begins...and you will find yourself in 'sudden darkness.'


Margot has graciously offered a GIVEAWAY 
of her book to MY readers :)
US Addresses ONLY please

About the Author
Margot Hovley was raised in rural Washington State, where she worked as a girl pig-herder and champion produce boxmaker. She now lives and plays in Utah with her big family. When she’s not storytelling, she’s hanging out with family, teaching music to the somewhat willing, and fooling with techy gadgets. She loves hiking, traveling, and concocting adventures.

Ten FUN things to know about her :)
1. I was raised in the country in southeastern Washington, not too far from where Sudden Darkness is set.

2. Getting emails from readers is my favorite thing in the world.

3. Several things from my own life are "hidden" in the book.

4. Despite being a grandma I play basketball twice a week. (Most people can't believe that!)

5. I once played the piano in front of President Hinckley and have accompanied the Tabernacle Choir for a funeral. (TERRIFYING!!)

6. I teach a weekly teen writing class that I adore.

7. I'm obsessed with Scandinavia and am writing a fantasy set in a pretend medieval Denmark.

8. I also write a self-reliance blog that gets 1000 hits per day, called Old School. (www.mynewoldschool.com)

9. I love antiques but at the same time I love techy things. My adoration of my MacBook Air is a bit extreme. :)

10. I'm a 8-year cancer survivor. Having hair again is awesome!

(A digital review copy was provided for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)



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