Nov 13, 2012

All Fall Down Blog Tour + Giveaway

About the book:
Author: Julie Coulter Bellon
Release Date: Sep 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Description:
Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes we all fall down . . .
That simple rhyme turns negotiator Claire Michaels’ current hostage situation into an international incident. Claire just wants to help get everyone out safely, but as the crisis escalates she realizes she’s dealing with an al-Qaeda operative who has the means to become another bin Laden—with the potential to attack America. Claire has her own personal reasons for wanting to stop al-Qaeda, but time is slipping away as negotiations break down. Can she overcome her scars of the past in order to get the hostage out alive and possibly stop an assault on U.S. national security?

Navy SEAL Rafe Kelly is on leave to recover from a knee injury he suffered during his tour in Afghanistan and he doesn’t expect to be fighting terrorists on his home turf. But when he is taken hostage and his brother is kidnapped, Rafe teams up with a hostage negotiator in order to stay alive and get his brother back. The terrorist is always one step ahead of them, however, and the situation quickly turns from desperate to deadly. Will Rafe be able to save himself and his country without anyone he loves getting caught in the crossfire?

My Review:
I LOVE it when a book starts out action-packed from page ONE and this book did just that! Suspenseful all the way through with just enough romance to make you smile.

Clair is just trying to do her job AND help someone else who has gone through what she had to. Rafe is just trying to save his brother AND make sense of the loss of his best friend. Can they help each other? Who else can the trust? Read and find out :)

This book keeps you on the edge of the page as you have to keep turning to find out what happens next! There are some really good twists in this storyline!

About the Author:
What can I say about me? I have a wonderful husband and eight children whom I adore. I am currently working on my eighth book and hope to have it submitted very soon. I am Canadian, but married an American and settled in the States. I have the best of both worlds! I love the number eight and my claim to fame is that I met Princess Diana when I was twelve years old. I love to travel and my favorite cities are probably Athens, Paris, Ottawa, and London. I would love to visit Australia and Scotland someday. And New Zealand. Ooh, and Ireland. 

Well, you get the picture. I’m learning to play the bagpipes and I’m not very good at it, (I think I sound like a sick moose) but I’m working on it. I love to read, write, teach, play volleyball, and take long bubble baths (which doesn’t happen too often, but I love it when it does). I have the most amazing supportive family and being a published author fulfilled a lifelong dream.

I blog every day at about being LDS, a mother, and a writer. Every Friday I have a national editor, affectionately called Ms. Shreditor who critiques first pages submitted by you! For more information on First Page Fridays and how to submit, please go to the blog or email me at

Do you have a question, suggestion, or just want to talk to me? Or, are you interested in scheduling me to speak at your Enrichment Night (on the Importance of Literacy) or want to dish on all my publishing secrets and invite me to your Book Club? If so, please email me at

Julie is generously offering 7...
Yes 7 awesome giveaways for the tour!!
The prizes include:
  • (2) "Book Lovers'" baskets which include a copy of All Fall Down, a hand tied lap blanket, Julie's favorite hot chocolate mix, and a copy of Janice Sperry's Christmas novella, The Candy Cane Queen
  • (3) Print copies of All Fall Down
  • (2) Ebook copies of All Fall Down
To enter to win these prizes, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form provided. (Each tour stop will have the same Rafflecopter form).
  • Open from November 12 to December 7.
  • Must be 13+ years of age to enter
  • US mailing addresses only
Earn entries by doing any/all of the following:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Purchase the Book
(A digital review copy of this title was provided by the author for this review. However, all reviews are of my own opinion :)


  1. the book looks really intersting. i haven't read any of julies work as yet but i will be adding this book to my TBR list

  2. This sounds like a great book for right after exams when I want something with a bit more action :).

    Thanks for the info and for the giveaway!

  3. Thanks so much for being part of the tour! Your post looks great!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I enjoyed the write up, it sounds like a good read.

  5. This sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.

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